~ personal branding, digital world, media, infocommunication, books, humanity, art and literature, fashion, all the best

~ personal branding, digital world, media, infocommunication, books, humanity, art and literature, fashion, all the best


I’m the kind of person who thinks along the lines of business studies, information technologies, as well as the media and law. I have a strong conviction, and though I sometimes make mistakes, I’m always dedicated. After finishing my first degree, I worked as a specialized journalist focusing on foreign politics, then as a television editor-reporter focusing on economics-related topics. When the regime change came along, I left the field of journalism and founded the third television news agency ever in the world. I then became the specialist for the Hungarian National Assembly’s financial and economic division. As such, I participated in establishing a pluralistic media industry in Hungary, as well as in the codification of the first media law regulating it. I have worked for the Hungarian Public Television Corporation as a vice president dealing with crisis management, and I launched a company on the European info-communication market, with headquarters overseas. I developed a B2B platform as well as a company management software. In the region, planning and launching digital incubator units is connected to my name. Later on, during my studies in law school, I gained a deeper knowledge of internet law, intellectual property law, as well as international trademark law. In the meantime, I was also working on developing and putting into practice the business model for a legal counsel office. At the moment, I’m focusing on strategic business consultancy, especially with personal branding for junior and senior executives, extending to the international world of business as well. I have a Master of Business Administration degree specializing in finance and economy with a focus on info-communication and economics. All this is knowledge and an outlook at the same time. Merging it with journalistic skills provides me with a rather unique perspective. I have been publishing books in the category of business for years. In January 2020, my book called Googol. The Google, presenting the story behind the multinational tech company, will be published in English in the United States. 

My previously published books include: 

Fall in love with me! (2016), communication manual

ME-BRAND – How to not be normal?! (2018), on the topic of personal branding 

Googol. The Google (2018), the story of Google from being a start-up all the way to becoming a multinational business giant

A Manual for Executives (2019, co-author)


‘Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.’ (David Lloyd George)



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