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~ personal branding, digital world, media, infocommunication, books, humanity, art and literature, fashion, all the best

The Google’s Story By Anna T. Kiss

In my opinion, that the company model of Google is worth following, and the logic of its operation can serve as a model for other companies as well. For those who have or manage a business or are entrepreneurs, it is a must-have methodological source. That’s why I wrote the story of Google to show companies today, especially start-ups, what they can learn from it. The book was first published in Europe in 2018 in Hungarian.

They said about this book:

György Bőgel, Professor of Central European University:

„The company of Google has a past of two decades. Someone can only stay in the lead for so long if they are able to change while at the same time remaining the same. Google, along with the entire Alphabet Inc. conglomerate, is just as creative, innovative, and exciting as it was twenty years ago, and it is just as good a case study today. Naturally, perspectives and topics change. The company was an exciting internet enterprise at one point. Today, it is a technological giant, with watchful eyes following its every move, since everybody wants to know “what Google is up to.” What does it do with all the data gathered about us? What can it achieve in the field of artificial intelligence? How does it compete with China’s unstoppable group of a similar profile, and what role does it have in the USA’s strategy of technological world domination?

Google is ever-present in the modern world.

Twenty years is a long time. Only those can understand the present who have an understanding of the company’s entire development. The book by Anna T. Kiss guides us through this truly amazing story. It is worth paying attention to the smallest detail, as success does not come for free, you must work hard for it.”

Tamás Molnár, Head of Agency Services at MTT Digital, Google regional trainer at Google Partner Academy:

“The best part about Anna T. Kiss’s Google book is that, though based on facts and using numbers to showcase the history of the company, it still tells a STORY. A human story that is about finding one’s way, arriving at crossroads, encountering dilemmas, while also including both triumphs and failures. Managing directors and corporate decision-makers can find numerous small yet inspiring and easily-adaptable details while reading about the story of Google.”

Ilona Kocsi, journalist, editor-in-chief of BOOM Magazin:

“The inspiring story of an inspiring corporation in an inspiring book. It is recommended to every entrepreneur who needs some inspiration for the daily hustle and bustle. It is useful for anyone wanting to become an entrepreneur, as this book is a source of encouragement. Anybody who wants to know what makes a company into global success will enjoy it.”


„Googol. The Google.” – The Google’s story by Anna T. Kiss in English in US.

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