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Do you know who is Les Brown? Why don’t?

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” An American motivational speaker called Les Brown put this into words 30 years ago. Since then, he’s changed the lives of millions. Even if it’s only a couple of words, a short mantra. But the person who said it is very authentic.

The Art of Giving By Anna T. Kiss

It’s a true story, it happened to me, and I’ve been thinking ever since: what did I do wrong? I have no idea. See for yourself. Must give!

Reuters saw me as competition

A new entrepreneur likes to believe that whatever they come up with is unique and cannot be compared to or replaced by anything. Life tends to contradict this. It was already a dream come true that I became a journalist. Once I did, though, I became tempted by the idea of establishing my own news agency.

There are no miracles, just faith, will, and persistence! For me, this is the message of 2020.

I was 27 years old in this picture. I’ve got older since then of course. This picture and this number are very important in my life because I reached my first big milestone in my professional life when I was that age. The feeling of being capable of something stayed with me forever.

The Google Story – Recommendation By György Bögel, Professzor of CEU

Some twenty years ago following a kind invitation I attended the lecture of a management guru from abroad. During the entire session it was him who did most of the talking, while the audience was busily taking notes in the workbooks provided with the program.

The Google’s Story By Anna T. Kiss

In my opinion, that the company model of Google is worth following, and the logic of its operation can serve as a model for other companies as well. For those who have or manage a business or are entrepreneurs, it is a must-have methodological source.


I’m the kind of person who thinks along the lines of business studies, information technologies, as well as the media and law. I have a strong conviction, and though I sometimes make mistakes, I’m always dedicated. After finishing my first degree, I worked as a specialized journalist focusing on foreign politics, then as a television editor-reporter focusing on economics-related topics.



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